How to access the Kraken website

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How not to fall for scammers on the Kraken website

Kraken onon is today's main dark web site

For starters, it’s worth saying that it’s impossible to get to Kraken from a regular browser, this resource is blocked everywhere, so you should use browsers such as TOR or any other VPN browser that allows you to access the dark side of the Internet.

What is TOR and how to use it to enter the KRAKEN?

Tor is the most famous and popular anonymous network on the dark web. In fact, it is a system that supports the anonymous exchange of information. Thus, all Tor users have reliable traffic protection from the analysis of robots and unauthorized persons. In other words, using TOR you can absolutely anonymously go to any resource, including the same KRAKEN.

Useful information about

Let's figure out what the crump marketplace is and why visit this site at all. KRAKEN is the newest playground that appeared in 2022 after Hydra was closed. The main purpose of the site is the sale of illegal drugs, fake documents and money, various unregistered SIM cards, as well as the ability to order the services of hackers. Everything that cannot be bought in a regular online store can be bought on Kraken. The creators of tried to make a user-friendly interface with a concise design that does not distract from shopping. An important feature of the kraken is the presence of a dispute system, which greatly reduces the risk of falling for scammers, and in case of problems with the seller, there is arbitration on the site that will help resolve disagreements.